Inspiring Next Generation Innovators with Digital Creativity


This session will explore the amazing, unique and exciting micro:bit journey in schools around Asia Pacific region and how it has impacted learning and teaching processes for tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of children to learn computational thinking. There are various key stakeholders in this journey as every local ecosystem has different initiatives, structure and partners to work with. On grassroots level, there are thousands of workshops being conducted with teachers, showcases by makers, Non Profit Organisations running Hour of Code, micro:bit champion school and on governmental level, there are nationwide efforts by government departments working with local training companies, entrepreneurs, charities and many more. The core values of these initiatives are mostly focusing on meaningful curriculum, sustainable progammes in K-12 schools, building teachers’ capacity, and celebrating learning successes.

  • 雜學論壇

  • 11/29・13:10-14:00


  • Waris Candra
    Micro:bit Educational Foundation 亞洲區執行長 Head of Asia Pacific Micro:bit Educational Foundation

    Waris Candra是科技教育界的領袖,專精於BBS Micro:bit與多項亞洲STEAM創新教育推廣,並與其夥伴在Micro:bit生態圈中持續教師所需的教學支援。